The Kittiwake Trust

Multilingual Library

our patron

After the library had been running a few months, we approached Professor David Crystal, author of over a hundred books on language, to ask if he would be our Patron.

He agreed enthusiastically.

He visited the library in April 2016 and gave a talk that is available here

We are indebted to Professor Crystal for his continuing support and advice.

His website is here

the kittiwake trust

The Multilingual Library is a project of the Kittiwake Trust,  registered charity 1165318.

You can find more information about the Trust and the Trustees here

our philosophy

There is no such thing as a foreign language, just languages you don't understand.

Words are vitally important.

We never say 'asylum seekers' -

If they need defining further than human beings or refugees we use

the term 'asylum applicants'.

Feel the difference.

Words like 'diversity' suggest the opposite.

We are all notes in a melody that resounds around the globe.


It is our aim to re-open the library late in September, though very likely not for a full week and with shorter opening hours. Many of our volunteers are vulnerable and do not feel safe coming into the city yet. We will keep you updated here and on our Facebook page and Twitter.  When we do open, we will require all visitors to wear a face covering and observe new safety measures we will have to impose. 

All loans are automatically extended until we re-open and memberships paid for this year will be extended by 12 months.

We look forward to seeing you once we are able to open again, but be assured, we will not re-open until we are as sure as we can be that it will be safe to do so. The health and safety of our volunteer and visitors is an absolute priority.

We may bring in new measures to open up the space and allow for physical distancing.

Stay well - stay safe - stay home and keep reading.

Latest Newsletter & News

The Summer number of our Newsletter is available for download HERE

On our Facebook page we regularly post links to multilingual resources for adults and children, international radio stations, health information in different languages and whatever we think will be of interest to our friends who love the library. 


Our Spring newsletter is available here