The Kittiwake Trust

Multilingual Library

our patron

After the library had been running a few months, we approached Professor David Crystal, author of over a hundred books on language, to ask if he would be our Patron.

He agreed enthusiastically.

He visited the library in April 2016 and gave a talk that is available here

We are indebted to Professor Crystal for his continuing support and advice.

His website is here

the kittiwake trust

The Multilingual Library is a project of the Kittiwake Trust,  registered charity 1165318.

You can find more information about the Trust and the Trustees here

our philosophy

There is no such thing as a foreign language, just languages you don't understand.

Words are vitally important.

We never say 'asylum seekers' -

If they need defining further than human beings or refugees we use

the term 'asylum applicants'.

Feel the difference.

Words like 'diversity' suggest the opposite.

We are all notes in a melody that resounds around the globe.


The good news is that we opened again on Monday 12 October.

Our new hours are Monday - Friday from 11.00 until 14.00

As time goes on we hope to be open at least some afternoons as well and perhaps on a Saturday as we know 

some of our members are not able to come to the library during the week.

Visitors are limited to 2 at any one time, face coverings are mandatory and visits limited to 15 minutes.

As you know, this is not at all the way we like to function, but for the moment we need to make the safety of our 

volunteers and visitors top priority.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Please be aware that now and then we may need to stay closed if any of our 

visitors or volunteers have to self-isolate.

We will try to announce this on our Facebook page, but it could be a last-minute decision.

Black History Month

The latest newsletter is here

The Summer number is available here

Our Spring newsletter is available here